Better than a dream, a reality

The LMP-2 is available in 3 versions:
The LMP-2 CONCERTO: 10 socket version
The LMP-2 SONATE: 6-take version
The LMP-2R: Rack version (6 or 10 sockets)

For a version with more than 10 sockets contact us here

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The LMP-2: Ultimate electroacoustic solution

The LMP-2 is a tour de force at the antipodes of all that exists, to satisfy the privileged of the most prodigious systems on the planet. This demonstration of know-how from the house of Nodal Audio combines a sensual statutory aesthetic with unprecedented engineering at the highest level. The heir to the second step of the luxury podium of the Le Havre designer carries high the torch of all the extraordinary characteristics that make up the identity and DNA of Nodal Audio (MNA).