Ultra high-end premium high-fidelity electroacoustic solutions

MARC LENOUVELDesigner of ultra-high-end electroacoustic solutions

Marc LENOUVEL is a designer of premium, very high-fidelity, ultra-high-end electroacoustic solutions. In addition to being a music lover, this seasoned electrician has a strong fascination with motorsport. In other words, it is therefore natural for this enthusiast of technological performance to make the analogy between the hypercars of the most prestigious endurance race at Le Mans with its prodigious sector ramps. Especially since, like these exceptional Sport-prototypes, prestige, ultra-performance, endurance and elitism are common principles orchestrated in each version of Nodal Audio.

“With the firm desire to honor the prestigious elements that make up your listening system and to pay tribute to the musical works that accompany your daily life, each Nodal Audio version initiates a unique dialogue between cutting-edge technology, emotion and goldsmithery”

The NODAL AUDIO house: Creator of emotions

Established in France in Le Havre since 2016, Nodal Audio is an artisanal manufacturing workshop specializing in the design and production of premium ultra high-fidelity ultra-high-end electroacoustic solutions. Attached to its roots, the MNH (Nodal Audio house) is also working to keep most of its activities in France, while developing an international distribution network.

First of all, the DNA of Nodal Audio is part of a responsible, sustainable and permanent approach to quality research. This enthusiasm for excellence leads the Nodal audio house, as a result, to always offer you more performances, partners and innovations at the service of your emotions. Thus in a unique, ultra-functional, exclusive and timeless design, the Nodal audio house takes up the challenge of honoring its principles in all its very high-fidelity premium electroacoustic solutions.

Then, the entrepreneurial spirit, the freedom of creation, the uncompromising search for optimization allow your factory to create essential, optimum, long-lasting, elegant and exclusive concepts. Similarly, the selection of excellent know-how and the meticulous care required in the smallest details forge the uniqueness and identity of the Nodal audio house.

In conclusion, by giving it a noble, responsible and exuberant character, Marc LENOUVEL from Nodal Audio has reinvented the management of electroacoustic power supply processing. Not to mention that it achieves this feat in an ultra-high-end and ultra-customizable tailor-made conceptualization, once again placing performance at the quintessence of the sublime.

In short, each Nodal Audio concept is authentic, unique, in your image and handcrafted. And as you might expect, all production from Nodal Audio (MNA) has an unlimited lifespan and a lifetime warranty under normal conditions of use.

Our DNA, your heritage


Constancy: The same input intensity at each output connector.


Emotion at the heart of technology.
Dynamics, resolution.
Speed ​​and intensity.
Continuation of each note.
Each listening is unique.
Recording atmosphere.


Serenity: The longevity in quality and performance of your equipment.


Assembly techniques.
Excellent know-how.
Attention to detail internally and externally.
Authenticity of materials.
Layout, decoupling and insulation.
Sustainability of creations and optimization.


Expertise: Immediate and prolonged release of your electronics.


Electrical engineering.
Passionate electrician.
Proprietary technologies.
Nobility of materials.
Increased performance.
Extreme precision in the details.
Anti-pollution and anti-vibration protection.


Prestige: The exclusivity of an exceptional jewel.


Strong marked identity.
Timeless design, luxury and voluptuousness.
Elite and tailor-made quality of service.
Luxurious and exclusive character.
The only possibility of dreaming-true.
Creations at the height of prestigious electronics.
Current state-of-the-art proprietary technologies.


Commitment: make emotion the sole muse of our creations


The Nodal Audio house follows a triple framework:
Meticulous craftsmanship.
Technological innovation.
lifestyle of its customers.
Responsible and sustainable approach.
Value, ethics and respect.


Service: More than a word, a harmonizing philosophy


Welcome and exclusive service.
Respect for diversity and cultures.
Made to measure.
Study, Realization, installation.
follow-up and proposals.
Confidentiality of Information.
Relationship of trust with employees.