Electric current is the first link in your sound reproduction system.

It is not only the first, it is above all the common cement binding all the elements of the sound system together. The quality of the rendering is strongly linked to the
quality of the electric current passing through the electronics, from its arrival as domestic current until its transformation into modulated current. The stream
electronics in front of the electronics circulated above all questions the influence of its routing. Speaker cables are the last cables carrying the
modulated electric current in a sound production and/or reproduction system. This last step is just as important as the first. La Maison Nodal Audio (MNA), inscribed in its DNA, the guarantee of a unique and exclusive treatment in all its creations.

Our loudspeaker cables meet the same requirements as our mains treatments: guarantee clean current, consistent in quality and quantity in a setting worthy of an exceptional work of art, both in performance and in emotion and elitism.

The fine craftsmanship factory conceptualizes luxurious creations combining timeless designs, ultra-performance and emotion. Each premium concept is made to measure and by hand in order to awaken all your senses and sublimate all the other prestigious entities that make up your listening system.

Live your dreams for real!