The ultra high-end power strip

The AUBADE high-end LMP-3 power strip embodies Nodal Audio’s know-how in terms of electrical distribution and distribution exclusive to Nodal Audio, in an aluminum case with a sober finish for an increased accessibility/performance ratio.

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The AUBADE LMP-3, enter the legend!

Entry model in the ultra high-end, the young lady has everything of a great lady. Charm, voluptuousness, candor and efficiency, this concentrate of electroacoustic technologies remains unbeatable in terms of performance/emotions and accessibility ratio. Your “impossible dream” will never have been so within your reach. Massive heir to the DNA of Nodal Audio, the LMP-3 AUBADE perpetuates the tradition of ultra high-end electroacoustics in a fuselage of formidable precision, all in a finish that meets your expectations. prestigious electronics.